New Urban Decay Beaches Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches



Summer is here and if you are a beauty-lover like me, you are excited for all the new makeup products launching. Urban Day just launched their new Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette and it screams summer.

The palette retails for $34 and is a limited edition item for Summer 2018. Although we’ve seen these colors before, the pigmentation is beautiful. This palette includes a range of colors , from “Heatwave” a fiery summer red to “Plunge” a deep shimmery emerald tone. Six out of the eight shadows are shimmery and two are matte. So if you love the glam and glitter, this is the palette for you.


The most impressive thing about this palette is the pigmentation. Urban Decay never let’s us down with their color pay-off! Even on darker skin like mine, you can see the lighter shades like “Salt” and “Blaze” pop. The shadows have a very soft texture and do not feel dry or flaky. My favorite color is the bronze shade “16th St”. This shade is perfect for a sunset golden look. The ULTIMATE summer tone. Of course, a shadow that demands attention is “Double Dip”. This tone is a beautiful dark emerald blue and perfect for those who love to experiment with color. Although I would personally use this palette with a complementary matte palette, you can definitely create various looks solely using this summer palette.











The Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette has cardboard packaging with a description and image of the colors on the back. The actual palette is within the box and it is made of a sturdy cardboard. The palette includes a mirror which I definitely appreciate , especially now that a lot of brands do not include that. Having the mirror included is a life-saver when getting ready on the-go.

Overall, I would recommend this palette because of its pigmentation and beautiful eyeshadow formula. The one downside of this product is that it does have a tiny bit of fall-out. This can be easily cleaned with a makeup wipe. If you have other summer palettes , you probably already have these shades in your makeup collection. If you do not have these shades, the Urban Decay Beached Eyeshadow Palette would be a great addition to your makeup collection.

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